Sunday, May 13, 2012

내 생일 und die tage bevor


This day was very interesting, like any other day i started off waking up for school and all that jazz, and i had a pretty good day. but between 1st & 2nd period i see my friend and she handed me a flier, it was an invitation to a charity event for People to People( an organization that takes kids out of the country) so my friend invited me and her mother picked me up after school around 6pm. It was REALLY fun oh my goodness. It was my first time ever playing lazer tag~ and we got a major discount too, so that was good (: Then after that, we were all kinda hungry so we had the thought to go eat some korean food since it was right around the corner. Good thing i had decided to bring extra money...but anyways, we took a wrong turn *__* instead of cutting through a plaza like we should have done, we went towards the main road, where the sign said "NO LEFT TURNS" but we need to make a left turn -___- so we were gonna go down the road and make a U-turn, NO U TURNS !!!! Then we decided we would go down towards the other plaza, but this road's a bit confusing, and we accidentally got in the turning for the high way and suddenly it was all downhill from there. There was no hope in getting back into the straight lane, so we just went on the highway thinking we would just get off and turn around to go south instead of north,somehow even when we got off and got back on we were still going south???! so we got off at another and were finally on our way to hmart...which was originally only 10 minutes away turned into a 30 minute drive. We ate our food and we were on our way home around 9:30. We dropped off a friend and i got home around 10:12pm. It was really fun. Oh also, i lost my key at laser tag, and they had found it, and even asked if anyone had lost it, but the way they worded it made me think it wasnt mine. They called it a 'lanyard' and i had never heard it that way so i assumed it wasnt mine. well anyways, on to the next day.


This is the day before my birthday! It was much like any other school day. I wake up at 5:40am and get ready. But this time instead of taking the bus i went in the car because this day was AP US test day WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO. lol So i got to miss school and take a 6 hour test. I was gonna go eat out with my friends like i did for my first AP test but we decided not to. So I called the place right after school and they told me they opened at 4pm so me & my mum waited till then and went to fetch my keys~ we got them and then went off to Sams Club since it was right there~ Then we went to Mozart Cafe ^^ I got 2 chocolate Macarons and a green tea bubble tea~ My mom got Taro bubble tea

Some delicious looking cakes in Mozart.

My green tea bubble tea on the left, and my mums Taro on the right.

My two Macarons

& that pretty much concludes this day.


 My birthday!! I've been sleeping in the other room for a few weeks now because my room's air conditioning vent is messed up and it's really hot in the summer. So i wake up and step out of the room across the hall and my mum put a sign as usual on my door~ It's been a tradition since i stepped into my teen years, since 13 she's been putting these signs up~ I just leave them on my door as memories hehe.
The sign~

For the first half of the day I was just lazing around because my friends had to do something before coming to my house, so i waited around and opened the cards from my family~ They gave me a gift card so i can buy anything i want, because i prefer to buy something i will actually like rather than get something and not really appreciate it because it doesn't suit me.

The little envelope the card came in, it was sparkly and had a bow like a present would lol gift card...(:
Later, around 5pm my friends finally came over. We originally just sat around and such~ but then we decided to cut the cake cuz my friend said it was taunting her.
I got a sponge bob cookie cake, because when i went to the store to buy the cake, there was only spongebob, optimus prime, and dora the explorer. 
I really wanted Optimus but my mum said no so i was forced to get spongebob lol.
It was a cookie cake and it was MASSIVE.

after we removed the plastic thing and placed candles on it.


After i blew out the candles lol, the wax dripped on the cake D:<
So after this my friends gave me their gifts, I forgot to take a picture, but my friend Mimi gave me california rolls as a present, because i love those LOL. they gave me balloons & cupcakes. & My friend, Ice, is a foreign exchange student and her mum sent a like picture type thing all the way from thailand for my birthday ^^ Ice also drew me a picture and her and mimi signed it.

After we left my house we went to stars and strikes and put 30 dollars worth of points on the card and played any game we wanted to. After we used up all the point we cashed it in.
630 tickets in total~
We went to the prize counter and we each got a Mustache, a paddleball, matching braclets, a pack of airhead extemes, and 3 jolly ranchers. 
We all got the same kind of mustache lol
My paddle ball was an elephant picture, Mimi's was a Panda, and Ice had a tiger one.
All our bracelets were green with these type of asian, either chinese or japanese characters.
After we finished with the games we went off and did lazer tag, because stars and strikes has lazer tag and bowling in there~

Our shoes glowed under the blacklight, my friends bra did too but i didnt want to put that on the internet lol
OH, and i beat them both in lazer tag~ HAHA
Stars & Strikes card.

Stats from lazer tag. Kinda difficult to understand if you don't have the other papers but i won~
Once we were done playing, we were hungry so we left. We were gonna go eat asian food, but it was already really late, so we went to the Avenue where some restaurants were open. We decided on the Macaroni Grill, because my friends had never eatten there before....

 When we walked in it was kinda funny because my friend was like "I want to color" and the lady said "you can either have a kids mat or color on the table" but we didnt think she was serious...until we sat down and the table had paper as a covering, so we commensed in coloring while we waited for food!
Ice writing in Thai & her name~

My drawing of a lion LOL
Ice drew herself as an icecube, my mum, me, and mimi. haha
(sorry it's upside down, she was sitting on the other side diagonal to me)

A drew a spotted cat saying "schwag"

Ice wrote "I love you" in Thai and then romanized it~

I wrote this LOL
Ice drew a bear and a birthday cake~ Aswell as a shrimp, because that was what was going to be in her food ahah

Oh,hohohoho. Okay, being in the restaurant was fun, but let's just say the food wasnt!
My food personally was spot on, i had a Lasagna Bolognese. However, My mum, Mimi, & Ice's food were not so good. My mum had Chicken Alfredo, and she said it tasted like somebody dumped water in it. Ice had shrimp porofino, and Mimi had Carmela's chicken. Each one of them had to keep adding salt and pepper to their dishes& Ice didn't find any flavor until the END of her dish, even after she mixed it several times. Once the Waitress asked us if everything was alright, they said no, and she said she would get the manager. Once the manager came, she apologized and she said she would take care of it, and i also got a free dessert because it was my birthday ^^
So once it was time to go, they gave us a bill and we were suprised.
The meal cost $55.25 & the manager took off $40.50!! omg. leaving the bill at only $15.64! 
So for future reference, if you don't like your food, don't just pretend like you do, SAY SOMETHING.

The reciept.

Then we took them home & that was the end of my day ^^
I had such a great birthday so i'm really happy~
Even my friends in other countries wished a "heppy 벌스 dey" to me!
A big thank you to my friends and mother
Happy Mothers day~

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