Wednesday, June 27, 2012

aprilfoolromance giveaway & blood

u_u today i went off to a blood drive so that i could do something good for the community, considering there is a blood shortage...i even got my oldest brother to come with us to donate, because he still doesnt know his blood type u____________u lol so we went in and had are names put down, then they called us back for questioning & to see if we were eligible... unfortunately i wasnt thanks to my stupid iron being too low, it was 11.6 but needs to be 12.5 TT___TT so anyways i couldnt... they even stuck me twice to make sure, on bother my middle fingers D: my poor dears
so anyways....

to the giveaways!!

at there's this lens giveaway going on & I MUST WIN D:< lol

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Please go to  & check out this persons giveaway~ 3 people can win ^^ Plus her blog is amazing SO FREAKING FOLLOW HER.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Circle Lens Kilala Popcorn Green Review

I ordered these lenses from on June 7th 2012 & they were shipping on the 8th & Recieved them today June 11th 2012(my mums birthday~) Also, I wasn't sponsered to do this ;A; although i wish i was D: D:

I was really excited to get them because of the diameter & the cost too aha
so anyways, onto the review (:


The Packaging ^^ Bubble wrap envelope~

Free lens case that comes with it.

Bubble wrapped lenses~

The vials

Lenses in bottle
The lens itself


One lens in, One out
Flash with both lenses in.
No flash~ (sorry it's a lil blurry D:)


Enlargment~ : ★ ! 5/5 These lenses are 17.8mm which is pretty big~ The site i purchased them from specializes specifically in larger lenses rather than smaller ones such as 14mm Crazy thing is...these aren't even the biggest lenses on that site o.O there is one or two pairs that go up to atleast 19mm , if i had more money i would buy them, no doubt! 

Color&design~: ★ 5/5 ^^ The color is exactly what i was expecting & hoping for. The stock pictures,even on the model, are basically the same as the product i received. Often the sellers trick you with professionally done photos in great lighting, & when you get the products it's just not the same, but for this one it was a direct hit. It's a very pretty color too ^^ The design is really interesting ! The limbal ring isn't too thick, nor too thin, it's perfect for me considering i don't like extremely thick rings. There are little flecks of black throughout the green area, as well as clear spots throughout the green area, where your own eye color could shine through keke. Getting near to the pupil it's jagged, probably to more easily blend to the eye color. This lens imo isn't very natural, or atleast not on me? 
Comfort~:  3/5 I think they are somewhat comfortable & the water content is 48% so that's really good! I think it's just me that i felt a little discomfort, i think my hair was touching my eyes too much, and my eyes have been very tired considering yesterday i was on the road for 10 hours~ Plus i've been watching tv all day... but yeah these lenses are comfortable i guess & i might edit this once i wear them again    so i can also gauge how quickly they become dry and such~
These contacts arent really as comfortable. at first i thought maybe it was because my eyes were dry from tv but no!! the contacts gave me pain i couldnt even keep them in for more than a few minutes one day ;A; it might just be me or something D: im not sure but i dont want to hurt my eyes so i probably won't wear them often,

Overall:  3/5 I really like these lenses but i wish they weren't painful ^^ I've been wanting Green colored lenses for a while & i finally got to buy them. These lenses were pretty much perfect for me, because i wanted something noticable, but not too bright.  i had success with the store i bought them from! The Shipping for all their products is FREE & you get a free lens case, they always have a weekly special plus the shipping was extremely quick considering i live in the USA, it only took 4 days for it to reach me~ PLUS, there was tracking with this order, I LOVE TRACKING OMG.

So yup, i had a good experience with this store but not the lenses...
Thanks for reading.