Tuesday, May 8, 2012

diese woche und letztes wochenende


I went with my mother and my nephew originally to H-mart to eat & such.
A photos of my nephew,Jordan:
I love his eyes! They're so pretty!~ No edit either ^^ just put my blog name,huhu

.............and then i had the great idea to go to Suno, it was my friends birthday party that day, but she had sent no notice that the party was going on, and it had disappeared from facebook, so i assumed it was off, or that i was uninvited, but when i walked into SunO  one of my friends, her girlfriend, and another friend were seated at a table, and told me the birthday girl was on her way, so i ended up staying.
I didn't take a picture of my beautiful bubble tea, but i got a picture of my friend & her Boyfriends yummy looking fruit crepe ^^
Afterwards, her boyfriend drove us down the street to the mall & we proceeded to la derp everywhere.
Here's a picture of 2 of my friends on the carousel thing. idk why the picture turned -_-
I didn't take many pictures at the mall nor at SunO, mainly because i was trying to keep my battery life on my phone, plus i had left my camera in my mothers car and didnt think to get it ._.
Mind you, this is the night that the "super" moon was to come about~
So i got a picture ^^
Not the best picture,this is when it was up top more, so it wasnt all that amazing at this time, but earlier, before i remembered, it was bigger as it rose.
So anyways, after all that i basically just went home and slept.


pretty much did nothing this day, it was a Sunday and the next day i had an AP test, so it was basically just study time, and time to rest up, did i mention i had a cold, but by Sunday it was dying down.


Nothing much this day except for yaknow, a high stress test that could help me in avoiding the high fees of college, NBD. Lol. Monday was my AP psychology test, i was instructed to be there before 12pm, so i missed school and slept in until it was time to wake up. Overall the test was pretty easy i guess, maybe..probably not. Only hoping i got a 3-5 if not sad life. Well anyways, after the test i went with two of my good friends, Mimi & Ice, to eat pho ^^ it was delicious omgomgomgogm
i took photos~
My Appetizer- fried viet eggroll

My pho-i cant remeber how it's written in viet, but it's filet mignon~

The restaurant offers free desserts~ It's a Mocha Cake.

The tops of our bubble tea, mine-octopus, Ice-lion, and Mimi-seahorse

Ice & I had green tea bubble tea

& Mimi had mocha ^^

Not enough bubbles for me U__U lol


i had to go to school -__-
Yesterday because of the AP exams, i missed my EOCT for language arts, so i had to take both sections, which in turn pushed into 2nd pd, which i had a test in, so i'll have to make that up tomorrow i think -_- never ending stream of tests AHHHHHHHHHHH.
& to make things worse, i have ANOTHER AP test on Friday -_- this one starts at 7:00am , so i'll have to wake up as though i'm going to school as usual, but infact i'll be taking a test & leaving, so luckily i won't have to go to class after that.
anyways. Finally a ring i ordered came in ^^ i really like it aha, it's very interesting,however, my mother doesn't like it too much, she thinks i'm going to poke my eye out or something ahah.

Oh, another eventful thing, it's not so good but, somehow, my sink in the kitchen was leaking, but we didn't know, it's had to be days the wood under the sink it rotten and even mold grew, disqusting. so before i sleep, my mother and i will be dealing with that. ughhhhhhhhh

So, that's it for now. Thanks so much to those who do read my blog~

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