Wednesday, May 2, 2012

오늘 & Gestern

Today i went to the mall to buy my mum a purse but i didn't take any pictures at the mall, on the way there though.... i did ahah
Lol idk, thats probably the best one from the car ride, im just so bored always ahah.
at the store that my mother bought her purse i found these shoes that i would /really/ love if they were flat platform and black, but either way they were pretty cool

Afterwards my mother & i went to get food, i didn't take a picture,cuz it was to go & not so pretty in the to go box lol, plus i was too hungry. It's a dish called Rama V. It's thai food & a more gourmet version of satay chicken. Rather than it being on a stick with dipping peanut sauce, it's on a plate & is chunked chicken with peanut sauce ontop and vegetables and rice ^^. Super delicious aha.
I also had some Thai tea (:

So now i'm backtracking to yesterday, because i haven't been on much(cuz theres nothing to talk about) i feel sad if the post is too short.AKA 2 pictures is not enough.
So yesterday i was bored so i just took pictures ahah
here's one:

I really like it for no reason at all LOL
So yeah there weren't many pictures i was just testing out my new camera, there is another too:

To me, i look like a bug! My eyes look huge in it, but i feel that my eyes are actually really small, so i wonder how they achieved this look ahah.
I'm really stressed though, so maybe that's how.
Why am i stress you ask?
well, It's nearing the end of the school year (May 23rd last day)
This week ive had about 3 tests & will also have one tomorrow & probably friday too.
My teachers & probably everyone elses are throwing work at us like crazy omg. So much review especially in 3 of my classes which are AP and the AP tests are coming up really soon (My first one is Monday-le shiver-)
So my teachers want to beat us LOL. 
It's my first time ever with an AP test i'm somewhat nervous, but i don't have time to be considering that i have so much to do ! ㅋㅋㅋ right now i should probably be studying but NAHHHHHHHHH.
Maybe later on. I'm also really tired. I don't sleep well as of this week -_- so annoying & i hate the summer! -throws things-
Also, finals are coming up & school is SO CLOSE TO ENDING. now is the time for me to keep the good grades up & pull up any falling grades. 
Well, i'm done for now ~ 바이

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