Tuesday, September 18, 2012

April fool romance giveaway


yet another wonderful giveaway from Lorina.
Sorry for the short post im terribly tired ): long day, bad day, but this giveaway gave me some hope n_n

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dolly+ red Review & Eos G-208 violet review

This post is just going to consist of Circle lenses & maybe next post i make will be full of my life xD probably tomorrow.


Today i woke up around 9:50am & went downstairs to get the mail as i always do! But today the mail was already in because BOTH pairs of the lenses i had ordered had come in ^^ I was pretty happy about that because i didnt know when to expect the Dolly+ Red's & i thought the Eos g-208's were coming in tomorrow (7/12/12) instead of today (7/11/12)

Well i immediately took them upstairs to begin the soaking process & waited 6 hours as recommened. I'll get to what i did during that 6 hour wait, but for now On to the reviews!!

First up : Eos G-208 Violet review from Fobbybarbie.com

The package was a typical envelope lined with bubble wrap & the lenses were stacked ontop of eachother wrapped in bubble wrap~ no pics cuz it's kinda plain~
the lens itself!


top ): read bottom!!

The bottle

in the case

The lenses in my eyes (:


design/color:★★★☆☆ 3/5 As you can see the lid of these lenses says PINK & i thought i was buying the pinks but it turns out there was a mistake in labeling these lenses so the person i was emailing with while purchasing these told me that these are acctually the VIOLET lens rather than the pink ones ! there was a mix up & i'm fine with that considering these were the last pair before sell out, but with all that aside, it's not the fact that i recieved the violet lens, it's that the violet isn't very vibrant whatsoever ): I was originally very excited for the pinks because they appear to show up well, but the same cant be said for the violet , particularly in normal lighting. These lenses are more on the natural side even though they are violet in my opinion.
Enlargement: ★★★★☆ 4/5 The diameter of these lenses are 14.5 which is bigger than a normal contact lens & it does show, its not super noticable but it's there! particularly if you look at this gif i put together.

Comfort:★★★★★ 5/5 Definitely one of the most comfortable lenses i have owned ^^ it felt really nice on my eyes ~
shipping: ★★★★★ 5/5 ! whoooooooo these got here in 3 days ! & came even before the shipping date that i had expected so yeah all good, plus shipping was FREE & the contacts only cost $5.99(clearance) so thats a big bonus! (: didn't come with free lens case btw
Overall:★★★★☆ 4/5 The only reason these get a 4 out of 5 is because of the color ! I wasn't satisfied with the violet color! it's just not vibrant enough, not compared to the pink lenses atleast (✖╭╮✖) other than that these lenses were freaking amazing comfort wise ^^

A picture with my face hehe

Next up : I.Fairy Dolly+ Red 

From BlingBlingeyes.com.my
This is what the lenses came wrapped in

when i unwrapped it they were in this! I had never seen it like this before ^^
pretty cool

Free lens case & bottles

The lens bottles & contacts

 In eyes

Design/color: ★★★★★ 5/5! I absolutely love the color & design of the lens ^^ The red is very vibrant & this is exactly what im looking for in a red lens. Unlike cosplay contacts they aren't just ONE color. They are a blend of the natural eye color, red, and black which can make it seem more natural, aside from it being a red lens of course but i really like it! They aren't super bold but just bold enough & they are bright even in normal lighting as you can see from the photo.
Enlargement:★★★★★ Like all I.fairy lenses they are pretty large & i love that about them The black ring isn't extremely bold & i like that ^^ 
Comfort:★★★★☆ 4/5 These were pretty comfortable like all of my I.fairy lenses were but unlike the Eos lenses i recieved to day you can't exactly forget they are on your eyes. They aren't uncomfortable or anything though so they still get a high rating.
Shipping:★★★★☆ The shipping took quite a while u_u it's not there fault though! The lenses were coming from Malaysia & were shipped out fairly quickly but i guess customs in California just decided to take forever, because these arrived in Cali on the 4th of July & just got here this morning -_- but yeah again, customs not the shops fault ✪
Overall: ★★★★★ 5/5 I really love the lenses & am very glad i finally bought a pair of red lenses ^^ They're great 。◕‿◕。

----------------------------------------This is also a R.I.P post for my I.fairy Keiri Brown,Kimchi Bambi Blue,& Kilala Popcorn Green lenses.
A few weeks ago i noticed my I.fairy lenses weren't in good shape anymore & it had been a long time since i had purchased them! They were one of my favorite lenses so obviously they got alot of wear on them so yeah it was time to lay them to rest
In addition to the I.fairy's the Kimchi Bambi Blues i had received around the end of April also had some small tears (一。一;;)but to be honest i was okay with this because they were tooooo vibrant even for my tastes ._.
Also, The Kilala popcorn greens are going away because well frankly they sucked in my opinion, i'm not sure if i got a defective pair or not but dear god they were a pain SO YEAH they're going away too. that's right 3 pairs gone already -.- im now left with only 4 pairs of contact lenses & hopefully The pair i got from Kiwiberry1 will finally arrive !

See you! \(^▽^*)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nudy Golden Blue review

Okay so a few weeks ago i got my Nudy golden blue contacts from Uniqso.com -squeeeeeee- they were originally out of stock & they kindly emailed me about ti and i said i would definantly wait because they are so trustworthy and i love them to death :D  so it didnt take toooo long and they sent them out & i got them a few weeks ago ~ I've been wearing them alot to see how they are and so far they're pretty good.
 On to the review~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

stock photo

the box that their lenses always come in <3 plus a free lens case

neatly & safely packaged ^^

the bottle

security sticker for anti fake & yes, they are not fake aha



the lens inside ^^

inside of the case

~Now for the In eyes photo~

★good☆ bad
Design: ☆  this gets a 4.5/5 - people often don't like the "lizardy" look of the nudy lens ;A; but honesty it's not even bad ^^  I really like the way these lenses look & the green blue gold mix is really amazing & can look natural from a distance atleast. Personally i like the way these are colored alot. It gives a blue grey look ~

Enlargement: ★ 5/5 - although they don't do much enlarging that's perfectly fine considering these are only 14MM  which is just  a normal sized contact lens plus these don't have the limbal ring like other more enlarging lenses do. So i wasnt expecting any crazy enlarging, but you can see that they are still a lil bigger than my eyes ^^

Comfort: ★ 5/5- In the beginning i was really scared about these not being comfortable because some say geo's just aren't comfortable, but i guess in my case they are because both of the nudys ive had have been extremely comfortable~  When i was trying these on my right eye was fine but my left eye felt kind of odd D: !! i was getting kind of upset! it wasnt that it had hurt or anything it was just that it wasnt staying in place and was moving around alot! but then i took it out & turns out it was in the wrong way -.- LOL whoops! so once i flipped it the right way it was all good! One bad thing about these is that it can be extremely difficult to tell if it's inside out or not (or atleast for me o_o)

Shipping:  4/5 -  The shipping was 5 dollars and comes with tracking (which is always a bonus for me~) Originally these were delayed because they were out of stock but that's not a big deal because atleast they notified me <3 I recieved them in about 2 weeks after they were shipped which is good considering they were coming from malaysia~ 

Overall: ★ 5/5- Uniqso is always good to me & i have yet to receive an uncomfortable lens from them <3

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

aprilfoolromance giveaway & blood

u_u today i went off to a blood drive so that i could do something good for the community, considering there is a blood shortage...i even got my oldest brother to come with us to donate, because he still doesnt know his blood type u____________u lol so we went in and had are names put down, then they called us back for questioning & to see if we were eligible... unfortunately i wasnt thanks to my stupid iron being too low, it was 11.6 but needs to be 12.5 TT___TT so anyways i couldnt... they even stuck me twice to make sure, on bother my middle fingers D: my poor dears
so anyways....

to the giveaways!!

at http://aprilfoolromance.blogspot.com there's this lens giveaway going on & I MUST WIN D:< lol

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Please go to http://bebexie.blogspot.com.au/2012/06/giveaway-circle-lens-by-shoppingholics.html  & check out this persons giveaway~ 3 people can win ^^ Plus her blog is amazing SO FREAKING FOLLOW HER.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Circle Lens Kilala Popcorn Green Review

I ordered these lenses from Kittyeyecontacts.com on June 7th 2012 & they were shipping on the 8th & Recieved them today June 11th 2012(my mums birthday~) Also, I wasn't sponsered to do this ;A; although i wish i was D: D:

I was really excited to get them because of the diameter & the cost too aha
so anyways, onto the review (:


The Packaging ^^ Bubble wrap envelope~

Free lens case that comes with it.

Bubble wrapped lenses~

The vials

Lenses in bottle
The lens itself


One lens in, One out
Flash with both lenses in.
No flash~ (sorry it's a lil blurry D:)


Enlargment~ : ★ ! 5/5 These lenses are 17.8mm which is pretty big~ The site i purchased them from specializes specifically in larger lenses rather than smaller ones such as 14mm Crazy thing is...these aren't even the biggest lenses on that site o.O there is one or two pairs that go up to atleast 19mm , if i had more money i would buy them, no doubt! 

Color&design~: ★ 5/5 ^^ The color is exactly what i was expecting & hoping for. The stock pictures,even on the model, are basically the same as the product i received. Often the sellers trick you with professionally done photos in great lighting, & when you get the products it's just not the same, but for this one it was a direct hit. It's a very pretty color too ^^ The design is really interesting ! The limbal ring isn't too thick, nor too thin, it's perfect for me considering i don't like extremely thick rings. There are little flecks of black throughout the green area, as well as clear spots throughout the green area, where your own eye color could shine through keke. Getting near to the pupil it's jagged, probably to more easily blend to the eye color. This lens imo isn't very natural, or atleast not on me? 
Comfort~:  3/5 I think they are somewhat comfortable & the water content is 48% so that's really good! I think it's just me that i felt a little discomfort, i think my hair was touching my eyes too much, and my eyes have been very tired considering yesterday i was on the road for 10 hours~ Plus i've been watching tv all day... but yeah these lenses are comfortable i guess & i might edit this once i wear them again    so i can also gauge how quickly they become dry and such~
These contacts arent really as comfortable. at first i thought maybe it was because my eyes were dry from tv but no!! the contacts gave me pain i couldnt even keep them in for more than a few minutes one day ;A; it might just be me or something D: im not sure but i dont want to hurt my eyes so i probably won't wear them often,

Overall:  3/5 I really like these lenses but i wish they weren't painful ^^ I've been wanting Green colored lenses for a while & i finally got to buy them. These lenses were pretty much perfect for me, because i wanted something noticable, but not too bright.  i had success with the store i bought them from! The Shipping for all their products is FREE & you get a free lens case, they always have a weekly special plus the shipping was extremely quick considering i live in the USA, it only took 4 days for it to reach me~ PLUS, there was tracking with this order, I LOVE TRACKING OMG.

So yup, i had a good experience with this store but not the lenses...
Thanks for reading.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

a few weeks / wholesale-dress.net review

Alright everyone ^^
I've been gone for a little while, simply waiting for more stuff to blog about instead of just posting little snippets, so finally a package ive been waiting for came so i decided to just go ahead...
First i'll start off with a few weeks ago, i got a package from a seller on ebay because i ordered it right around my birthday~ it was the first of 3 things i order ^^
The package contained Skeleton hands~
They are hair clips by the way aha
I was really excited about them because i really like skulls and stuff like that so when they came i was like >:D lol
Even better was that they came the day that i had a fun day out with friends so when i got home from having a nice time, i opened the mailbox to a package addressed to me!
They came in a regular bubble wrap envelope
but they were inside of a cute purple mesh bag ^^

So that was all good for a few days & then suddenly~ the 2nd of the items i ordered arrived ^^
It was a black wig i ordered ^^ 
I really liked it, however it was a bit small, i guess i'll attribute it to my thick hair, but on the ebay sellers negative feedback someone else had the same problem....
well anyways, i fixed it the best i could ^^
Wearing the wig ^^

Wig with Skeleton clips >:D

So anyways, a few days after i had received the wig, my friends graduation from school had come!
So i bought her a balloon aahah

The graduation was really bitter sweet!
i'm really proud of them, but i have alot of senior friends, so it also really made me sad at the same time 
It's even sadder because the end of the school year meant one of my friends, who is a foreign exchange student, would be going back to her home country,Thailand.
But before that, My brothers girlfriend had stayed with us for like a day because she was going to visit her family in the Dominican Republic, so we took her to the train station & i saw this sign while in the car
I thought it was pretty interesting lol
so afterwards, my brother,my mother,& I went to visit my dads job for the first time in the 54564534 years he's worked there lol
afterwards we went to Picadilly, which i havent been to in years! It was okay but meh, so afterwards was my friends graduation party D:
It was pretty from,aside from a few annoying people that i would have preferred not to be there,
but overall it was cool.
We even built a human pyramid~ 
but i wasnt in it because i was made camera person LOL

her cake (SORRY upside down)

Then the day after that i went out with them to eat SunO and just play around because it was almost time for my friend to go back to Thailand ;A;
My friends suno~ coffee suno with oreos & chocolate sauce

My suno! Thai tea with condensed milk & tapioca lol
After this we went to H-mart to have our last meal(basically) together
I got Kimbap & we all shared, and then my mum got us JaJangmyeon(black bean noodles)
we shared that too lol

After i had gotten home from our fun day out, i was bored so i cut my bangs ahh
I wanted them to be a little shorter, but i was scared because i didnt want to mess up & have shitty hair for Senior pictures which by the way in one June 14th ;A; why didnt i think of that before i cut my hair & potentially messed up? IDK.
So anyways, the next day was the dreaded day ): the day my friend goes back to Thailand )))))):
A little while before she left ):
It took her like 3 days to get back to thailand because she had to go to N. Carolina, then to California(stayed overnight), then to Korea, and then finally Thailand!
I miss her so much though!
A few days later, the 3rd thing i ordered from Ebay arrived~
I bought Tony Moly Lip tint in Apple red !!!!
oh my goodness, i love it!!
The lip tint~

Some freeeeeeeee samples the came with it ^^

Alright, so then i put it on,
lol, yeah im not a makeup expert u_u
i know you're not supposed to put it all over, but i just felt like it SUE ME.


 My friend asked me if i could help her dye her hair a loooong time ago, and since school was finally out we decided tuesday was a good day.
She went out and bought the dyes, Beyond the zone blue & violet.
I had used beyond the zone twice before & had no problems. So we began dying her hair & it's a light brown color so we thought it would show up, and it did, until we started rinsing? i was like wth...
all the freaking dye washed out !!
we had dye all over our freaking hands lol

So i just assumed that it was like that because her hair wasn't bleached so we went to the store to buy the bleach i normally use...
we began the dying process once her hair was lightened... the freaking color washed out again TWICE.
so i suggested that i mix my dyes together to get a violet color for her and what do you know...it stayed!
I started reading the bottles to see the difference...
My beyond the zone was made in Canada, while hers in Mexico,
so im gonna go ahead & blame Mexico... lol
Well anyways, with all the bleaching & dying going on, i kinda missed doing stuff to my hair, so i bleached a piece of my bangs to a golden brown color ^^
it's kinda underneath the black when i brush my hair properly~


Now for today, i woke up around 10am & went downstairs for a bowl of cereal  haha
I had bought  3 things from Wholesale-dress.net
A Hoodie which had a skull and such on it, but unfortunately it was out of stock...
so i went with a cat hoodie.
I also purchased a shirt with an elephant on it, and a cross necklace
Although preparing the shipment went a little slow
the site says 3~5 days & it took about 5
the actual shipping of the package went at lightning speed! REALLY.
It went from Hangzhou china to Shanghai, then to Alaska, then to Tennessee, & finally to Georgia in just 3 days, and then arrived here at my home today~
I was really excited.
I opened the package & all was there, individually packaged neatly.
In their bags


Everything was EXACTLY like the picture, so i have to say this time around for wholesale-dress.net was really good for me ^^
The only problem i really have is that the shirt with the elephants sleeves are a little too small for me, i have fat arms & i should probably loose weight, then i can fit these easily aha.
So yup!!

I've entered a giveaway for lenses over at  http://occasionallycute.blogspot.com/ !
Please check it out ^^

That is all (: