Saturday, March 31, 2012


okay first, wow, i really thought i had posted this but i just looked and it's a draft, um okay.  So anyways, On saturday and sunday( March 17~18)  i was at momocon with some of my wonderful friends. Saturday was really fun but at then end i got lost D:< my phone died and i had the worst time ever finding my friends, you see, the con was only supposed to be on two floors, but even two floors is huge, but not only that some people went to the 3rd floor, and some of my friends had a hotel room on the 7th floor, and alot of people from the con also expanded to the 10th floor, which has no rooms , so you can imagine how hard it was to find them.
Let me say though, this hotel was HUGE. 47 floors i believe.
This is actually a picture from Sunday when we went all the way to the top since it was our last day. We seriously started screaming as we got to the top because it was so high up! My friends ears popped twice because of the height!
I actually don't have very many photos from the con, i just wasn't interested in taking many pictures
the few i did take were only of friends, who weren't cosplaying aha
I just really like tall buildings ok...

Alisha (sorry for all the sideways pics)

Jessica & Jesse!

Rayven My name twin!

So yeah, after the con, i haven't really been doing much because my mum can't really drive anywhere, cuz she's still recovering from surgery, and my dad won't take me anywhere and has work so much. Same for my brothers... so yeah i'm stuck here -_______- On the plus side Spring break began on Thursday at 2:10pm (:

i guess that's it for now. i haven't really posted much of the other stuff that happened between my mums surgery and spring breaku, but... so lazy ._.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So yesterday i had school off because of furloughs, but instead of sleeping in like most of the people i had to get up at 5:40am to take my mum to the hospital because she was having surgery. So i spent my free monday at the hospital. Everything was fine and good, but then my phone started going crazy. I was using a messenger and suddenly the screen was all messing up and my phone shut off by itself twice... then everything was okay, but then later on i tried to unlock my phone and the pattern didnt show up, so i took out the battery, i seriously did this like 6 times and it didnt work so i begged and my dad gave my brother 100 dollars to go get me a new phone. I got the Samsung admire in red. My brother and his gf have it but they don't like it o________o maybe because it's a serious step down from the iphone and htc, but to me it's an upgrade, my phone was really slow and the camera sucked, but this one is fast and the camera is really good quality (:
So anyways, i went off to school today, because of the time change it was extra dark...and the thick fog didnt help much. So school was pretty chill today i guess and once it ended i was pretty glad (:  Me and my friends went out to eat pho among other things (: delicious.

This was my friends Pho ahah, pretty much finished, but i forgot to take pictures of our food before we started ;A; we all got the same thing Pho tai~

There was a special and we got free deserts, Mango Mousse cake, it didn't taste very mango-y but it was still so delicious!!

side view ! 
I'm really impressed with the quality of the pictures! 

Well afterwards we headed off to the mall so my friend could find a prom dress and indeed we did ~ it wasnt even that expensive which is so good ^^

well that's all i have to say for now i think aha

Monday, March 5, 2012


I really hate to have friends that surround themselves in nasty things like alcohol,drugs,and smoking. It's really disheartening, and unfortunately in this day and age it's become really difficult to find anyone that doesnt do some sort of drugs or drink alcohol. I guess it's cuz i don't understand. People tell me i should try it but i dont want to. & when i say that they always say "Everyone who says they never will always do!" but fuck them. They obviously don't know me. Have i really ever conformed to the stupidity of youth? I hardly attend parties, i don't shake my ass and grind on boys. i don't listen to that sickening rap 'music' they play everywhere now. I don't know... it's just really disturbing to see my generation literally become unraveled. The teens in my school and even lower schools have become worse and worse, a massive amount of teen pregnancy and underaged sex and i havent even had my first KISS yet and i'm 16 and will be 17 in just a few short months, yet these females are becoming mothers at 13. not even into highschool yet. I just don't understand how this all has happened. Girls have just allowed themselves to anyone now and the boys, they  want a fun time RIGHT NOW but want a good girl later , but it can't happen like that if things go on. The girls who were good will either begin to think "hmm if i act like that i'll have a boyfriend" so they begin to act as such. or they stay good and find a good man that didnt run off and party. idk. & drugs... drugs get you killed.  why? drugs are attached to gangs, and violence. If they can't buy it they'll steal it. A fight, maybe you'll get jumped, stabbed, shot. Yeah, the news will glorify your death saying you're a good kid mixing with the wrong kind, but really. YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF.  I just want some friends that won't pressure me into this unnecessary drug use, slowing rotting your brain right out of that pretty little head. I don't want to be one of /THOSE/ kids.     I may have crazy hair colors and an odd fashion sense, but that doesn't influence me in school, if anything it helps me. I strive for good grades and obviously i don't need drugs to get them so why does everyone thing that drugs help? All you have to do is try. really. I think ill drop off for now. I just couldnt hold it in. I really hate my friends for their drug use. That's is all.