Saturday, March 31, 2012


okay first, wow, i really thought i had posted this but i just looked and it's a draft, um okay.  So anyways, On saturday and sunday( March 17~18)  i was at momocon with some of my wonderful friends. Saturday was really fun but at then end i got lost D:< my phone died and i had the worst time ever finding my friends, you see, the con was only supposed to be on two floors, but even two floors is huge, but not only that some people went to the 3rd floor, and some of my friends had a hotel room on the 7th floor, and alot of people from the con also expanded to the 10th floor, which has no rooms , so you can imagine how hard it was to find them.
Let me say though, this hotel was HUGE. 47 floors i believe.
This is actually a picture from Sunday when we went all the way to the top since it was our last day. We seriously started screaming as we got to the top because it was so high up! My friends ears popped twice because of the height!
I actually don't have very many photos from the con, i just wasn't interested in taking many pictures
the few i did take were only of friends, who weren't cosplaying aha
I just really like tall buildings ok...

Alisha (sorry for all the sideways pics)

Jessica & Jesse!

Rayven My name twin!

So yeah, after the con, i haven't really been doing much because my mum can't really drive anywhere, cuz she's still recovering from surgery, and my dad won't take me anywhere and has work so much. Same for my brothers... so yeah i'm stuck here -_______- On the plus side Spring break began on Thursday at 2:10pm (:

i guess that's it for now. i haven't really posted much of the other stuff that happened between my mums surgery and spring breaku, but... so lazy ._.

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