Sunday, April 8, 2012


Helllllloooo. This isn't my usual blog post , but i really really wanted a chance to win something for once, so i'm trying out all of my chances kk.

Well anyways, Heute ist Oster, und ich hatte einen gute giveaway gefunden ^^ so happy haha
so anyways I was searching a blog that ive been following and then suddenly i saw THT Christina's blog so i checked it out and i really liked it and after browsing throughout some pages i saw a giveaway link in the side bar!! so here's the give away~

The above picture contains the following prizes~

NOPS V-line BB cream ~yes, it's full sized ;)
3 Synthetic Hair Extensions - grizzly feather design
2 boxes(4 pairs) of Daiso lashes
1 pack of Roses&Gems Nail Deco
1 Mini Donuts Phone Strap
2 Blooming of Beauty Masks

Her circle lens sponsor has allowed for her to throw in two pairs of circle lenses, one for your own choice, and the other of Geo Grang Grang lens ^^
it's sponsored by lens village by the way!

I really hope to win this ^^ usually i don't win things...but maybe if i try hardest for this maybe i can .

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