Sunday, February 19, 2012


I've been looking back in old folders and such lately and decided to share some old photos. I used to be really into photography. It was all about "take your camera everywhere you never know what will pop up!" I really need to get back into that , and i feel like the camera i have right now isn't satisfactory and will only discourage me, so, as mentioned before, i have applied for a job and plan to save up my first few pay checks to buy a 600 dollar camera. Yeah, ive been wanting that for like 54588 years now (yeah, i am that old, if not older, vampire status....) so with that and without a flawless 600 dollar camera i'll show what i can do /without/ a 600 dollar camera.

On my way to New York we stopped off in Virginia to see my grandpa, and this is one of his dogs Pudding... Shes now deceased unfortunately.

In Pennsylvania,when we were on our way to NY we had to drive through the crazy rains of Penn. and after it was finished raining BEHOLD, a DOUBLE rainbow (: if you look closely right about the red sign on the left is the second rainbow.

Finally in NY, right in my cousins backyard, didn't expect NY to look so /not/ snowy right?

At a family reunion i slipped away to play on the swings, like i said before, i never put down my camera.

One day when i was counting my coin jar i decided to do this.. ahah

A friend of mine has a Sugar Glider, it's the cutest thing ever (:

This is how my arm used to look, this is the toned down version too! This is right around freshman year, or the summer after it atleast.

A flower that grew beside my house.

When i went to my friends neighborhood we walked around and i decided to take this picture, because this houses lawn was just marvelous. 

Some roses my mum got.

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