Saturday, February 25, 2012


I had a really good day today (:

my friend was gonna take me to the mall of GA and we were gonna ride the bus, but then she realized that the bus doesnt run saturday and sunday so i ask my mum and she said she would take us (:

Around 2:00pm we left to pick them up. My friends were going to look for prom dresses so we went and tried some on. OMG they are so expensive -_______- I wasn't originally going to prom, but now i guess i am because my friend still doesnt have a date so she asked me. If she gets one i probably wont go ahah.  so we tried some on but didnt buy any ahaha then we went and ate in the food court~

SUSHIIIIIIIII. i had california rolls and so did my friend Mimi and My mum and Ice had little tokyo food. (: it was pretty good. Then we left mall of GA to look for more Prom dresses at Gwinnett place because they have this place called T.View in the Mega mart that sold prom dresses... but when we got there half the store was vacant and replaced with crates of rice... so the entire Gwinnett place mall is closing...probably because it's really ghetto there and nobody goes... It was Saturday night and hardly anybody was there! In GA mall it was crazy packed!! Haha and  an example of the ghetto that we experienced was when we were walking a group of men came up and were gave my friend a card for a "live mixtape" LOL i just kept walking off ahahah. So then we went to hot topic in Gwinnett place and because the malls closing there was an awsome sale (; thnk goodness i hardly shop at HT so at GA i didnt buy anything there...its all so expensive!! but at Gwinnett the sale made things alot more affordable! So i bought a shirt ~
& i also bought a jacket hehehe 
it says "super fresh" on the back too kekeke
 & My mum bought some eye liner that was on sale for 1.99!! that's way cheaper than even crap drug store makeup! These 3 items cost me about $32 but compared to how much it would have cost (almost $60) that's a steal keke
So after that me and my friends got hungry again so we headed off to H-Mart to eat, I got bulgogi with vegetables & rice and My friend Ice got Ramen and after like 15 mins of running around and me trying to help her Mimi got what i got ahah. Then my mum decided she wanted Dolsot bibimbap but with no meat! Lol she couldn't finish and left a bunch of rice & miso so we felt bad and stuffed the rice into the miso and asked for a lid, tomorrow i'm havin Jook i gues ahah. It wasn't too late but i guess all the places close at 9 so when we were finished the honors were gone ?!?!?!?!? and we had no clue where to put our plates -___________- my mum was the only one who had the owner stay so i hope i dont upset the people when they find 3 dirty plates when they come back in the morning ;A;
Well then it was late so we take them home and i got home around 10pm so yea, pretty fun.
I've decided i'm going to go all out on job search! tomorrow i'm applying for atleast 5 jobs ahah. I really need money u___u Wish luck plz (":

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