Sunday, July 1, 2012

Nudy Golden Blue review

Okay so a few weeks ago i got my Nudy golden blue contacts from -squeeeeeee- they were originally out of stock & they kindly emailed me about ti and i said i would definantly wait because they are so trustworthy and i love them to death :D  so it didnt take toooo long and they sent them out & i got them a few weeks ago ~ I've been wearing them alot to see how they are and so far they're pretty good.
 On to the review~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

stock photo

the box that their lenses always come in <3 plus a free lens case

neatly & safely packaged ^^

the bottle

security sticker for anti fake & yes, they are not fake aha



the lens inside ^^

inside of the case

~Now for the In eyes photo~

★good☆ bad
Design: ☆  this gets a 4.5/5 - people often don't like the "lizardy" look of the nudy lens ;A; but honesty it's not even bad ^^  I really like the way these lenses look & the green blue gold mix is really amazing & can look natural from a distance atleast. Personally i like the way these are colored alot. It gives a blue grey look ~

Enlargement: ★ 5/5 - although they don't do much enlarging that's perfectly fine considering these are only 14MM  which is just  a normal sized contact lens plus these don't have the limbal ring like other more enlarging lenses do. So i wasnt expecting any crazy enlarging, but you can see that they are still a lil bigger than my eyes ^^

Comfort: ★ 5/5- In the beginning i was really scared about these not being comfortable because some say geo's just aren't comfortable, but i guess in my case they are because both of the nudys ive had have been extremely comfortable~  When i was trying these on my right eye was fine but my left eye felt kind of odd D: !! i was getting kind of upset! it wasnt that it had hurt or anything it was just that it wasnt staying in place and was moving around alot! but then i took it out & turns out it was in the wrong way -.- LOL whoops! so once i flipped it the right way it was all good! One bad thing about these is that it can be extremely difficult to tell if it's inside out or not (or atleast for me o_o)

Shipping:  4/5 -  The shipping was 5 dollars and comes with tracking (which is always a bonus for me~) Originally these were delayed because they were out of stock but that's not a big deal because atleast they notified me <3 I recieved them in about 2 weeks after they were shipped which is good considering they were coming from malaysia~ 

Overall: ★ 5/5- Uniqso is always good to me & i have yet to receive an uncomfortable lens from them <3


  1. Congrats on getting these gorgeous lenses! <33 I loved my pair when I had 'em.

    Glad they're comfy for you! A lot of folks do find Geo lenses comfy, but many others just find them less comfortable than the other brands.

    (I'm one of those folks who doesn't find Geo very comfortable at all, generally. D:)

    1. Thanks! aha they're one of my favorites~ I think Geo lens are comfortable , but sometimes are not as comfortable as Vassen/ifair/kimchi lens are for me ^^ thanks for your comment I love your blog (♥‿♥)