Wednesday, June 27, 2012

aprilfoolromance giveaway & blood

u_u today i went off to a blood drive so that i could do something good for the community, considering there is a blood shortage...i even got my oldest brother to come with us to donate, because he still doesnt know his blood type u____________u lol so we went in and had are names put down, then they called us back for questioning & to see if we were eligible... unfortunately i wasnt thanks to my stupid iron being too low, it was 11.6 but needs to be 12.5 TT___TT so anyways i couldnt... they even stuck me twice to make sure, on bother my middle fingers D: my poor dears
so anyways....

to the giveaways!!

at there's this lens giveaway going on & I MUST WIN D:< lol

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